Saturday, November 19, 2011

Affiliate Marketing Solution: 3 Ways To Make More Money

Are you trying to figure out what really works in affiliate marketing? Although there are many ways to make more money as an affiliate marketer there are certain strategies that have proved to be successful over the past several years.

In this article we will give you three ways to go about developing an affiliate marketing solution to your problem of making more money.

1. Build your own website. One of the draws of being an affiliate marketer is everything is provided for you by the merchant.

Affiliate merchants give you products to sell. They also provide marketing materials to help you sell those products with. This includes things such as text ads, banner ads, videos, blog articles, email messages and so on.

The merchant also gives you your own website that has your ID number embedded into it. This website is what all of the affiliates are using to promote the products online with.

One thing you can do is develop your own website and then promote the affiliate products on it. This helps you be different than every other affiliate and it gives you the option to promote various products as you see fit.

You can even develop the websites and promote more than one affiliate product at a time. This is not something that works if you just stuck with the merchant website given to you.

2. Add review pages. This is a very good strategy when it comes to selling products as an affiliate marketer. Review pages help you take an unbiased look at a specific product.

That is if you review the product honestly you will present both positives and negatives on it. This is different than a sales page which is designed to present benefits and features only.

With review pages you can pre-sell your prospect on buying your affiliate product without actually selling them first. This is a good way to warm your prospect up before passing them through to the sales page.

3. Build your email list. Because people need multiple exposures to a product before they actually purchase it an email list can be a very good solution to keeping in contact with your potential customers.

This is another reason why you need your own website and review pages. By placing a sign-up form on every page on your site you can build your email list more quickly. Then follow up with your ssubscribers and over time you will increase the number of sales you are making and make more money.

When looking for an affiliate marketing solution we have just provided three ways you can increase your sales. Each one of these works well with the other and are proven to help you make more money.

About The Author
Suzanne Morrison is on the staff of the Affiliate Power Group where they help people learn affiliate marketing. Check out their free affiliate marketing course if you need help making money as an affiliate marketer. It offers helpful tips on doing affiliate marketing the right way to make money online.

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