Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why Your Writing Time Is Worth More Than Money

I used to think that everything in my life was geared around saving money. Even when it came to my writing I would rather waste time doing things the long way rather than spend money that would help speed my career along.

Bu then something happened that made me realise that my writing time is worth far more than money and now my time is much more profitable.

The thing that happened was Nick Daw’s Quick Cash Writing course. I’d been receiving Nick Daw’s Ewriter Newsletter for a few months when he started mentioning his Quick Cash Writing course. I took a look at his sales page for this product and saw that it came with a 60-day money back guarantee and that the course promised that I could earn 30-times the cost of the course by the time I’d finished it.

So I reluctantly parted with my cash and downloaded the book. Once I started reading it I couldn’t wait to get started and began the course with great gusto.

By the time I was halfway through the course I realised that the initial promise of earning 30-times the cost by the time I’d completed the course was wrong – because I’d already done it.

I was totally hooked on this course because it made me start writing, told me where to submit my work and kept me writing more. The cheques were rolling in and I was extremely happy.

So then I decided to try Nick Daw’s other course, Write Any Book in 28 Days or Less. Again I began the course with the same amount of gusto and 4 weeks later I sat looking at my manuscript which was pretty amazing considering I didn’t even know what I was going to write about when I started. Since then my manuscript has been edited, finalised and has now been sent to my agent.

But I was now an addict for downloadable products because now I knew how much time I could save (I’d never had written a book in 4 weeks without the course) and how much money I could earn (I’d never been so motivated to write so much without the Quick Cash Writing course, which I’ve done several times now).

So then I spent more money and bought Jim Edwards’ Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as Little as 7 Days, which I also did and the eBook has been very profitable indeed and I’m now writing my second.

I also bought Jim Edwards’ Affiliate Link Cloaker so that none of the visitors to my website could tell which links contained my affiliate code which stopped my website looking like a sales pitch and which increased my sales.

I then also bought Article Submitter which helps me submit all my articles to article directories in minutes – which was a job that used to take hours.

But then I made the ultimate and most expensive purchase – and it wasn’t even downloadable or related to writing in any way. I bought an iRobot called “Roomba” and it runs round my house on its own and vacuums the carpets, rugs and floors while I write.

Does “Roomba” make me lazy? No, I don’t think so. Vacuuming in our house takes a long time because with 3 pets there are a lot of animal hairs around that can be difficult to pick up, but “Roomba” is built to be especially good with picking up pet hairs – and so it is. I’ve now gained extra hours to write each week.

But the whole point I’m trying to make here is that in my opinion, my writing time is more important than money. In fact I’ve discovered that, through careful selection of products, the more money I’ve spent the more I’ve earned.

Thanks Nick. Thanks Jim. Thanks “Roomba”.

By : Ruth Barringham

Ruth Barringham is a freelance writer and runs successful websites at and

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