Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Make More Money PPC: Adsense Vs Bidvertiser

AdSense and Bidvertiser are one of the top Ad providers that are competing in the internet, and a lot of people now are confused on which will get them to make more money and whose the better Ad provider. Here are some comparisons that I have made because I too have a bidvertiser account.

AdSense Vs Bidvertiser

** AdSense Ad's are based on the content of your site, so if your site has a rich content basically it would generate relevant Ad's while on Bidvertiser their Ad's are somewhat not related like the Ad's that I got, it only displays Ad's that says "Your Add here". I think on Bidvertiser you get to bid for some Good Ad's.

**AdSense has an easy to use system, they show the CTR, CPR , Earnings, and Ad clicks that your Ad has generated for you to know how well your ad's are performing and if you need some improvements while on Bidvertiser they only show the amount of money that you have made.. so you cant personally monitor the performance of your Ad's.

**AdSense ad's can be edited , I mean the font colors, borders etch so that they can blend well in your account while on bidvertiser you cant edit the colors, borders etc.

**AdSense offers $.3- $.5 per ad clicks while Bidvertiser offers .03- $.05! In short, AdSense pays 10x more that Bidvertiser!

**AdSense is used most than Bidvertiser, you can see it on the internet, Google Ad's are most likely to be found than Bidvertiser.

**So far? I'm earning more with my AdSense account than bidvertiser.

By : Neil Audrey Sapong

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